Latest Archaeological Finds

There have been thrilling archaeological finds in the recent past that give an unprecedented and complex insight into human history. Below are some of the landmark finds:

The Tomb of an Unknown Egyptian Queen

A retinue of Czech archaeologists recently uncovered a place where a previously unknown Egyptian queen was interred. The tomb that was found in an ancient Egyptian necropolis is that of a pharaonic Queen that held the reins of leadership in Egypt around 4500 years ago. Historians were oblivious of her. The tomb was found in Abu Sir, an area known as the ‘site of forgotten kings of the 5th Dynasty.’

This tomb is that of the wife of Neferefre, also known as Khentakawess III. In her tomb, the archaeologists also found 30 pieces of utensils, four of them made of copper, and 24 made of limestone.

Mysterious Text in Ancient Arthurian Stories’ Book

Wale scholars, with the aid of an ultraviolet light, were recently able to discover that some portions of one of the most popular books in Welsh history was redacted, and had some texts overwritten. The book, The Black Book of Carmarthen, features Christian prayers, poetry, and Arthurian stories.

A previous owner of the book, a Jaspar Gryffyth, did in the 16th century erase some verses, doodles, as well as marginalia that had been included in the manuscript over the years as the mysterious book changed hands. With the guidance of an ultraviolet light and a photo-editing software, the Welsh scholars were able to investigate the vellum pages and, thus, revealing poetry that has been out of the Welsh canon. Though the poems are fragmentary, the scholars hope that with a deeper and thorough analysis, they will be able to see the text in full.

The Discovery of the Origin of the Basque Culture

No people have baffled anthropologists more than the Basque people. Their language is unique, and they have very interesting customs and traditions. Thanks to studies of a group of eight skeletons discovered in a cave in northern Spain, scientists are confident that they might have discovered the origins of this special group of people.

Results of DNA analysis show that there is a close link between prehistoric Iberian farmers and the modern Basques.

A Mummified Monk inside a Buddha Statue

There was a shattering discovery in 2015 when some researchers set to study a Chinese Buddha statue- which are a Buddhist monk’s mummified remains. The Buddhist monk is believed to have been a Chinese master who died in the year 1100 AD. This finding exemplifies an ancient practice of self-mummification that was popular among Buddhist monks. In this practice, the monks practiced burdensome rituals to mummify themselves unto death. This practice continued for many centuries until it was banned around the 19th century.

A Mercury River under the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

Recently archaeologists discovered a river of liquid mercury running under a subterranean tunnel that is beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent that is found in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Archeologists believe that this tunnel could represent an underworld river which leads to a Royal tomb, especially since the remains of Teotihuacan kings have never been found to date. The discovery would be of great importance to archaeologists as it will unravel plenty of mysteries about the Teotihuacan civilization.


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