Risks and benefits of a career in archaeology

Archaeology basically means the study of the past cultures and traditions, with the help of remains. Many people take this up as their profession. The job is very interesting and involves a lot of travel.
The benefits of a career in archaeology are:
1. Traveling: Everyone dreams of a job that will take you to different locations all over the world. Archaeology is one of the few careers, which provides that kind of opportunity. Some archaeologists has to travel and stay abroad for many years, to understand the local culture. Some of them also need to visit extreme, remote locations. Some of them choose not to travel, and work in the local museums and historical sites. Their job is to preserve the priceless historical arts and artifacts.

2. Opportunities: Since the number of archaeologists is not very high, lots of opportunities are there. There are many private employers in this field. You can also choose to work for governmental agencies. In the future, with more construction projects coming up, more archaeologists will be needed to make sure that the historical sites are not destroyed. As per reports, it is estimated, that by 2020, the rate of job growth will be more than 20 percent, which is significantly higher than most other professions.

3. Skill improvement: The job is not at all easy. In the course of the job, an archaeologist picks up a large number of skills, which helps him to survive. While researching in those remote, difficult locations, the survival skills are enhanced. Also, since a lot of travel to different foreign countries is involved, an archaeologist needs to have an idea about almost all the major languages. Writing skills are also extremely important, because application letters needs to be written for donation for a specific project.

4. Pay: Like most other professions, the salary depends on the location and the experience. However, as per reports, it is found that the average salary is around $60000 per year. Some of the experienced and skilled archaeologists may earn as much as $100000 every year.
5. Contribution to the society: Archaeologists have an important role in the society. Their job is to make sure that the historically significant sites are protected and not used for construction purposes. Because of them, we have an idea about the cultures and the traditions, that existed in the past.

However, there are some risks:
1. Lack of colleges: If any one is thinking of a career in archaeology, the first major problem is finding a good university. Most colleges in U.S.A do not have this course in their undergraduate courses. Most people study some related course like anthropology in the initial level, and then take up archaeology later. Also, you need to study a lot before you take up this profession. It will take some time, before you eventually start earning.

2. Strenuous work: It is a very physically demanding job. Staying in remote locations, travelling every month, may sound very adventurous initially. But as you age, it will be very difficult to cope up with the physical nature of the job. The chances of suffering from an accident is also more in this profession. Plus, you will get to spend very little time with your friends and family.